Mars in 8th House in lal kitab

Mars in 8th House

The 8th house belongs to Mars and Saturn, who jointly influence the properties of this house. No planet is considered good in this house. Mars here affects very adversely the younger brothers of the native. The native sticks to commitments made by him without caring for profit or loss.

Remedies for mars in eighth 

1. Obtain blessings of widows and wear a silver chain.

2. Offer sweet loaves of bread prepared on Tandoor to dogs.

3. Take your meals in the kitchen.

4. Build a small dark room at the end of your house and do not allow sun light to enter it.

5. Offer rice, jaggery and gram pulse at religious places of worship.

6. Fill an earthern pot with Deshi Khand and bury it near a cremation ground.