Mars in 6th House in lal kitab

This house belongs to Mercury and Ketu. Both are mutual enemies and inimical to Mars hence Mars in this house will keep himself away from both. The native will be courageous, adventurous, lover of justice and powerful enough to set fire into water, highly benefited by the trade and business associated with Mercury. His pen will wield more power than the sword.

If Sun, Saturn and Mars are together then the brothers, mother, sisters and wife will be affected very adversely.


1. Distribute salt in place of sweets on the birth of a male child.

2. His brothers should keep the native happy by offering him something or the other for their protection and prosperity. But if he does not accept such things, the same should be thrown in water.

3. The male children of the native should not wear gold.

4. Follow remedies of Saturn for family comfort. Worship Ganeshji for parent’s health and destruction of enemies.