Moon in twelfth house in lal kitab

This house belongs to Moon’s friend Jupiter. Here the Moon will have good effects on Mars and things associated, but it will harm its enemies. The business and things associated with the house in which Mars is placed will provide highly beneficial effects.

Moon in the 12th house causes a general fear in the native’s mind about numerous unforeseen troubles and dangers and thus destroys his sleep and peace of mind. Ketu in the 4th house will become weak and affect the native’s son and mother very adversely.

Remedies for moon in 12th house

1. Wearing Gold in ears, drinking milk after inserting hot piece of gold in it and visiting religious places of worship will ward off evils.

2. Never offer milk and food to religious saints/sadhus.

3. Do not open a school, college or any other educational institute and do not help children in obtaining free of cost education.--