Moon in 2nd house in lal kitab

Moons results will be influenced by Jupiter and Venus as its their permanent house. Moon gives very good results as it becomes very strong because of the family support.

Native may not have sisters but certainly will have brothers. In case he doesn’t his wife would certainly have brothers. He will get his due share in parental property. Moon will ensure male offspring to the native.

Native will have good education adding to his fortune; business associated to the moon will be highly advantageous and might be a reputed teacher also.

Remedies for moon in 2nd house

1. Temple inside the house may deprive native of male issue.

2. Things associated with the moon ie silver, rice, non-cemented floor of the house, mother, old women and their blessings will be lucky.

3. Offer green color cloths to small girls continuously for 43 days.

4. Put a square piece of silver in the foundation of the house.