Moon in 1st house in lal kitab astrology

First house belongs to Mars and Sun. if moon is also placed in this house then all three will extend all the family support to moon .Native will be soft hearted, will inherit all traits and qualities of mother, will be eldest brother or will be treated as such.

As long as the native has mothers blessings he will continue to rise and prosper in every way.

Burning milk (making khoya) or selling milk for profit will reduce the power of moon in first house. If native engages in such business then it would be destroyed. Native should serve other water, milk freely for long life and all round property. Life of the native will be around 90 years and will be bestowed with honors and fame by the Govt.

Remedies of moon in 1st house

1. Do no marry between 24-27 years either before or after.

2. Do not build house between 24-27 years of age.

3. Keep away from sister in law and green color. Do not keep silver pot or kettle with a snout in the house.

4. Pour water on the roots of a Banyan tree whenever possible.

5. Put copper nails on four corners of the bed of your room.

6. While crossing a river always drop coins in it for welfare of children.

7. Always keep a silver thali in the house.

8. Use silver pots to drink milk and water avoid glassware.