effects of Moon in eighth House in lal kitab

This house belongs to Mars and Saturn. Moon here affects the education of the native adversely, but if education goes well the native’s mother’s life will be shortened and very often native loses both. The evil effects of the Moon will be mitigated if Jupiter and Saturn be placed in the 2nd house.

Moon in 7th often deprives the native of his parental properties. If there is a well or pond adjacent to the parental property of the native, he will receive adverse results of the Moon all through his life.

Remedies for moon in 8th house

1. Avoid gambling and flirting.

2. Perform Shraddha ceremony for to your ancestors.

3. Do not build any house after covering a well with roof.

4. Obtain blessings of the old men and children by touching their feet.

5. Bring water from the well or water tap situated within the boundaries of a cremation ground and keep within your house. It will ward off all the evils generated by Moon.

6. Offer gram and pulse in places of worship.