effects of Moon in 4th house in lal kitab

Here the moon is very strong and powerful in every manner. association with the things represented by the Moon will prove highly beneficial to the native.

Offer milk in place of water to the guests. Obtain blessings of your mother or the elderly women by touching their feet. The 4th house is the river of income which will continue to increase expenditure. In other words, expenditure will augment income. The native will be a reputed and honored person with soft heart and all sorts of riches. He will inherit all the traits and qualities of his mother and will face the problems of life boldly and ill receive honor and favors from the government along with riches and will provide peace and shelter to others.

Good education will be ensured for the native. If Jupiter is in 6th house and Moon in the 4th, parental profession will suit native. If Moon is placed with 4 planets in the 4th house, the native will be economically very strong and wealthy. The male planets will help the native like sons and the female planets like daughters.

Remedies for moon in fourth house

1. Selling of milk for profit and burning of milk (making Khoya) will have very adverse effects on income, life span and mental peace.

2. Adultery and flirtation will be seriously bad for the reputation and wealth gains.

3. The more the expenses, the more the income.

4. Before beginning any auspicious or new work, place a pitcher or any container filled with milk in the house.

5. For warding off the evil generated by the Jupiter placed in the 10th house, the native should visit places of worship along with his grandfather and offer their oblations by placing their forehead at the feet of the deity.