Sun in second house in lal kitab

effects and remedies of sun in second house lal kitab


Person will be self-dependent, skilled in handiwork and will be helpful to parents, maternal uncles, sisters, daughters and in-laws.

If moon is in 6th the sun in 2nd house will become more auspicious.

Person will be truthful if ketu is in 8th house.

Person will be a renowned artist or painter if rahu is in 9th house.

Person will be a technician if ketu is in 9th house.

Mars in 9th will make a person fashionable.

The enemies will be put end due to generous nature.


Sun will effect things and relatives with planets inimical to sun wife. Wealth,cows,widows,taste,mother etc disputes with property and wife will spoil native.

If moon is in 8th donations should not be taken and if sun is in 2nd is not auspicious else the native will be destroyed.

Sun in 2nd, mars in 1 st and moon in 12th makes person condition critical and pathetic in all aspects.

Sun in the 2 house is inauspicious and and mars in 8th house will make native very greedy.


In places of worship donate coconut, mustard oil and almonds.

Avoid disputes with wealth, property and ladies.
Do not take donations of rice, silver and milk.