Sun in 7th house in lal kitab

effects and remedies of Sun in 7th house

  1. If Jupiter, mars, moon are in 2nd house then person gets ministerial post in government.
  2. If mercury is exalted or is in 5th or 7th then person will have unending source of income.

  1. Inauspicious sun in 7th, Jupiter or Venus or any other malefic planet is in 11th and mercury is malefic in any other house then there will death of several family members together.
  2. Diseases like tuberculosis and asthma will prevail and obstacles from government will also be there.
  3. Incidents pertaining to fire, emberlement and family troubles will bother native so much that might lead to suicide or towards becoming recluse.
  4. Malefic sun in 7th and mars or Saturn in 2nd or 12th, moon in 1st will cause leprosy or leukoderma.

Remedies of sun for seventh house

  1. Consume salt is less quantity.
  2. Begin any work after having sweet with water.
  3. Offer a piece of your roti to fire of kitchen before having.
  4. Rear and serve black cow or cow with no horns only.