Sun in 6th house in lal kitab

effects and remedies of Sun in 6th house as per lal kitab astrology

  1. Person will be lucky, anger prone, have beautiful spouse and will benefit from government.
  2. Sun in 6th, moon with mars Jupiter in 2nd will gain from following tradition.
  3. Sun in 6th, ketu in 1st or 7th native will have a son then will have good life after 48th year of life.


  1. Person’s son, maternal family will have difficult times along with his personal health issues.
  2. If 2nd house is empty then native will get government job in 22 yr of life.
  3. Mars in 10th will cause natives sons to die on after other.
  4. High blood pressure will follow if mercury is in 12th house.

astro Remedies for sun in sixth house

  1. Follow ancestral customs and rituals strictly for family progress and happiness.
  2. Construction of underground furnace should not be done in house premises.
  3. Blow off the fire of kitchen stove by sprinkling milk over stove after having dinner.
  4. Always keep holy water in the house.
  5. Offer Wheat or jiggery to monkeys.