Sun in 5th house in lal kitab

effects and remedies of Sun in 5th house in lal kitab astrology

  1. Progress and prosperity will be assured. Mars in 1st or 8th and rahu, ketu and Saturn are in 9th and 12h house will make native have a king’s life.
  2. If in 5th house if sun is with any inimical planet then native will have respect bestowed by government.
Jupiter in 9th -12th will destroy enemies but this is not good for the children of the native.

  1. Inauspicious sun in 5th and Jupiter in 10th will not let wife of the native survive.
  2. Inauspicious sun in 5th and Saturn is in 3rd sons of native will die.

Remedies of sun for fifth house

  1. Do not delay having children.
  2. Use east side of house for kitchen.
  3. Drop a lit of the quantity of mustard oil on the ground for 43 days continuously.