Sun in 4th house in lal kitab

effects and remedies of Sun in 4th house in lal kitab astrology

  1. Native will leave great ancestral property, will have constant source of income, native will be kind, wise and good administrator.
  2. If moon and sun together are in 4th house then native will have great profit by new researches.
  3. Mercury in 10th or 4th will make native famous trader.
  4. Jupiter if also is in 4th with sun will get benefits through gold and silver trade.

  1. Person might become greedy, likely to commit theft and can harm others. This gives very bad results.
  2. If Saturn is in 7th then person might be effected with night blindness.
  3. Eyes of the native will be defected if sun is inauspicious in 7th house and mars is in 10th house but fortune will not be affected.
Person will be impotent if sun is in 4th inauspicious, moon is in 1st or 2nd, Venus in 5th and Saturn in 7th.

Remedies of sun for fourth house

  1. Give alms and food to the needy.
  2. Don’t do business with iron and wood.
  3. Business of gold, silver, iron and cloth will be beneficial.