Time to Enter New House

as per astrology somethings we have to remember before entering in new house.If the auspicious time is not followed, it may bring ill luck to the dwellers.

Griha Pravesh should not be done when wife (Main lady of the house) is 6 months or above pregnant.

Lagna or Ascendant at the time of moving should be in a fixed sign. Common sign is ordinary and Movable should be avoided. if Lagna is in a fixed sign at the time of moving into the house then this ensures that that dwellers will be staying ("fixed") in the house permanently. If the Lagna is common, the dwellers will sometimes be staying in the house, sometimes be out of the house. If the lagna is movable then the dwellers will always be out of the house ("movable").

Rahu Kalam is an inauspicious time of the day. It should be avoided for entering the house.

if Griha Pravesh in one's own Rashi, Birth Nakshatra or Birth(Natal) Lagna will be highly auspicious.