Saturn and own house

some times it is seen that after entering a new house suddenly everything bad starts happening to the native or sometimes all positive things starts happening. as par Lal Kitab astrology saturn is the lord of residential buildings and various things about building a house based on Saturn being in different houses. let see what to do when saturn sit in different houses. 

Saturn in House 1: If Saturn is in first house and native builds a house, he might loose a lot of money and may become poor as well. But if Saturn is auspicious i.e. house no. 7 and 10 are empty then there will not be any negative impact on the native.

Saturn in House 2: If Saturn is in second house, native can build house anytime in his life. It will always be auspicious for him.

Saturn in House 3: If Saturn is in third house and native is not able to build a house, he should bring three dogs and raise them as pets. He will definitely be able to build a house.

Saturn in House 4: If Saturn is in fourth house, native should not build a house. It will not be auspicious for his in-laws and his maternal relatives.

Saturn in House 5: If Saturn is in 5th house and native builds a house, the house will prove to be inauspicious for his children. If the house has to be built, it should be built after the age of 48. If native lives in a house which has been built by his children, it will be very auspicious for him.

Saturn in House 6: If Saturn is in 6th house, native should build a house after the age of 39 else it will be inauspicious for his daughter's in-laws.

Saturn in House 7: If Saturn is in 7th house, native will get houses which have been made by someone else. if this house has to be sold ever, the main door of the house should be safely kept, the native will then get more houses.

Saturn in House 8: If Saturn is in 8th house, as soon as native starts building a house, there will be danger to his life.

Saturn in House 9: If Saturn is in 9th house and the native starts building a house while his wife is pregnant then it is inauspicious for the native. The father of the native dies when native builds third house.

Saturn in House 10: If Saturn is in 10th house, native keeps getting money till the time he doesn't build a house. He will become poor when he builds the house. If the house has to be built, it should be built between the age of 36 and 48.

Saturn in House 11: If Saturn is in 11th house, the native should build a house after the age of 55. If the house has to be built early then it should be built before the age of 36. Please note that if the native resides in a house which is south facing, he will be ill for a long time.

Saturn in House 12: If Saturn is in 12th house, even if native doesn't want the house, the house will be built. Native should not interfere while the house is being built and also should not leave building it in between. The house will be auspicious for the native.