Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars and Mercury conjunction

Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars + Mercury

As per Lal Kitab, Mars + Mercury combination is significator of red non shining cloth which daughter of the native wears during her marriage; parrot with red spot on the neck; flower of pomegranate plant; artificial Saturn who behaves like Rahu.

Mars + Mercury combination generally gives inauspicious results. If native uses red shining color, this combination will give highly malefic results especially if his daughter uses red shining cloth in her marriage. If Mars is benefic, Mercury will not be able to give any results or it will give malefic results secretively. If Jupiter is well placed in the horoscope, both planets will give good results. When both are placed in houses previous to Venus, native's wife will dominate in the family. Native will beget male progeny despite of poor yoga of progeny in the horoscope.

When Mars is malefic in this combination, native will experience very bad results. There will be fire accidents. He will face defame, sorrow, diseases etc. Perform remedies of malefic Mars to ward off evils.

Mars + Mercury in first house: Native will have robust body and he will financially support his in-laws. But his brothers may get bad results. There will problems related to progeny. As a remedy, native should bury a flask (surahi) filled with jaggery (desi khand) or fennel (saunf) or honey in some deserted place. And put some leaves of dhak (palas) tree around the flask.

Mars + Mercury in second house: Native is rich. His in-laws are also rich. Native gains from his in-laws. But there should be no planet in 8th house.

Mars + Mercury in third house: Native may suffer from financial losses and theft. He is inclined towards bad deeds. But, if brother supports the native, he lives happily. Native gets happiness from parents and divine help.

Mars + Mercury in fourth house: Native himself will not face any problems but people associated with him will get bad results.

Mars + Mercury in sixth house: Both planets will give good results and independent results.

Mars + Mercury in 7th house: Inauspicious. Native will have problems in marital life. There will be unnecessary quarrels in the family and native will use abusive language.

Mars + Mercury in 8th house: Generally gives good results. But if malefic, native will spoil his own family. He may not beget child. His maternal uncle will face extremely bad results especially if he stays at his native place.

Mars + Mercury in 11th house: If native drinks, he will face extremely bad results. He will face problems related to eyes, property, father, teacher, gold etc. As a remedy, native should use Holy water (Ganga Jal) in the morning like wash your teeth with it, etc. Or native should perform remedies of Moon or Jupiter etc. Keep with you articles related to Jupiter or Moon.