Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter + Venus

Jupiter and Venus together are not considered very auspicious as Jupiter does not give good results. The native will succeed in love and he gets protection from diseases and troubles. Females help the native. But native should not indulge into extra marital affairs as it will adversely affect his health, potency, family life and children.

When Jupiter + Venus are placed in first house, it indicates problems to the native. Native will prosper after the death of either Father or Spouse. He may not be wealthy.

When Jupiter + Venus are well placed in 2nd house, it gives auspicious results. Native should not work related to Gold. He will be benefited from work related to mud. If malefic, native will face problems in begetting male child due to his own problems.

When Jupiter + Venus are placed in 3rd house, wife of the native supports him like a brother. He lives happily and has good fortune. His brothers will be benefited by the wealth of the native. People may give him false appreciation and he will suffer on account of flattery.

When Jupiter + Venus are placed in 4th house, native should avoid company of females other than wife. His wives may die after giving birth to the child.

When Jupiter + Venus are placed in 5th house, natives earn by his knowledge and education. He begets male progeny. Native should not make any relation out of wedlock otherwise he will loose his wealth or his wealth will be stolen.

When Jupiter + Venus are placed in 6th house, native's wife should wear gold clip in hairs to ward off evils related to fortune and progeny. Native should not perform work related to Ketu. He should respect his wife.

Jupiter + Venus in 7th House: Native should associate or work related to Mercury. Mercury rules over daughter, Sister, Mother's Sister, Father's Sister etc. Native may have all kinds of luxuries at home but he himself may not be able to enjoy them. When Mars is placed in 4th house, he will suffer miserably if he forms any relation other than wedlock. There may be problems in begetting male progeny. When Jupiter is malefic in this combination, native may be impotent and hence childless.

Jupiter + Venus in 8th House: Jupiter gives positive results but Venus gives malefic results. As a remedy, native should not unnecessary fight with his wife and he should bow his head everyday in a temple nearby his house. Native should serve Cow and putting flowers in sewer lines will ward off the evils. But, if any planet is placed in 2nd house, Venus will give positive results.

Jupiter + Venus in 9th house : Good results in general. If Venus is malefic, native will suffer after marriage.

Jupiter + Venus in 10th House: Native looses his ancestral property especially if he himself spoils Jupiter i.e. he goes against traditional values and religion. He will though earn good money but will have no savings. If native forms any relation other than wedlock, he will loose all his wealth and will face problems related to children and parents.

Jupiter + Venus in 11th House: Gives malefic results. If there is no planet in 3rd house, native will have problems related to sex. He will loose his semen in the night dreams or he will have bad habit of masturbation. His secret organ will loose its vitality and will finally become impotent. As a remedy, native should not marry early and should not serve white cow. He should serve his brothers or brother-in-law (wife's brother). Native should take medical treatment and if doctor allows, he should take medicines along with Milk or milk products or silver foil or gold foil or fish oil etc. Or one can consume these items during medication for continuous 43 days. Donating mustard oil will also benefit the native. Serving people related to Mercury will benefit the native.

Jupiter + Venus in 12th house: Native will get all comforts if he does not indulge in lottery or trading or any other related work.