Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter + Saturn

As per Lal Kitab, this combination makes the native a poor saint whose secret does not unfold to others through out his life. Or in other words, native may appear living a family life but he may live like a saint. When Jupiter aspects Saturn, it further adds to these results.

His destiny is decided by the planet posited in 11th house. If 11th house is vacant, his destiny will be decided by Saturn.

When Saturn is ill placed in the chart but Jupiter is well placed, native is very lucky for others and he contributes in financial prosperity of others. He himself may not get any good results. But when Saturn is well placed instead of Jupiter, native easily comes out of the problems in life.

When native has contented nature and lives peacefully in all circumstances, both the planets will give good results despite one of them may be debilitated. Native will be highly thoughtful and will have self esteem. He will not jealous any one.

When Saturn aspects Jupiter, native has poor health and wealth. If Venus aspects both planets, native prospers after marriage.

Jupiter and Sun placed in

I House: Native may be a preacher or saint but will be poor.

II House: Will be highly intelligent and knowledgeable. He will not suffer even if he may not be highly qualified. He will be sincere in his relationships. But when ill placed, native will suffer from diseases. He will face problems while living with his father. One should perform Saturn's remedies to ward off evils.

III House: Ordinary wealth. Native gets better results in old age. When malefic, poor results.

IV House: Native will be famous. Even snake bite will not be able to harm him.

V House: Sun gets afflicted but otherwise, native gets name and fame in society. Native may suffer due to problems related to religion, government, litigation etc. Native will finally win in all situations as long as he is not deceptive, cheat, alcoholic, meat eater etc.

VI House: When Jupiter is ill placed, native gets ordinary happiness from wife. But when Jupiter is well placed, native remains unhappy from wife and is poor.

VII House: Native will prosper if associates with work related to Saturn. He himself will be kind in nature. If Moon or Venus or Mars are also well placed, native will prosper. He will have many children. He will get married in between 16-25 years and his children will take birth very frequently. Native will get support from mother, wife, relatives etc. But after 25th year, things will settle down. He should not forcefully keep any body's wealth. If afflicted and Moon or Mars or Venus are also ill placed, native will suffer after birth of his daughter. Native will suffer miserably if he is addicted.

VIII House: Ordinary wealth. Long life. He will be auspicious for his family as no one will die in his house as long he is present there.

IX House: Ancestral wealth. Large Family. People may criticize him but he will be very clever. He will earn wealth by all means. People who will associate with him will loose their wealth.

X House: Good results for the native himself. But if Sun is placed in 4th house, Saturn will totally spoil its significations. But Sun being placed in 4th house, the house of Moon, Sun will restore its strength but Jupiter will badly suffer i.e. native will suffer on account of wealth, health, father, name n fame etc. Native can save himself from these ill effects if he keeps serving Jupiter and its significator.

XI House: Planet posited in 3rd house will decide their results. If there are no planets in 3rd house, Saturn will give its results. Native himself may not get very good results but others will prosper through him. If Mercury is ill placed in the chart, native may have poor fortune and little wealth. But when Mercury is well placed, native will get very good results.

XII House: Good results. Rahu-Ketu will not be able to give bad results. Native will prosper after marriage. There may have extreme ups and down in his fortune.

As a remedy, one should perform remedies of Moon or worship Lord Shiva.