Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter + Rahu

Jupiter + Rahu generally gives inauspicious results. Native born with this combination may face many reversals in his life. He may become poor despite being born in rich family or he may become very rich despite being born in poor family. Native may have to struggle till 48 years of his age. The betterment in life starts from the age of 20-22 years. Further improvement takes place after marriage. He gets support from his brothers after 28 years of his age and his financial situation improves after 36 years of life.

When Jupiter + Rahu are placed in 7-12 houses, native will have almost no connection with divine world. When they are placed in 1-6 houses, native will succeed in material as well as spiritual world and he will get divine support.

Native with this combination generally do not like putting physical efforts and earns their bread and better without much efforts.

Jupiter + Rahu in I House

Native does not face any problem related to profession. He earns good wealth.

Jupiter + Rahi in II House: Such native is very charitable in nature. He devotes himself in social work and help poor. Rahu will not be able to affect Jupiter instead Rahu will work under instructions of Jupiter. But, if there are planets in 8th house who are inimical to Jupiter and Rahu; or any other malefic planet is placed in 8th house, native will face serious problems in begetting male child.

Jupiter + Rahu in III House: Native will possess intellect to safeguard his interests. He will be brave. But Ketu and Mercury may give bad results till 34th year of life.

Jupiter + Rahu IV House: Jupiter gives moderate results.

Jupiter + Rahu in V House: Native may be the leader. But Rahu may give adverse results of fifth house.

Jupiter + Rahu VII House: Native enjoys his young age. He will get happiness from either father or in-laws. If both are alive, one of them will suffer from asthma.

Jupiter + Rahu in VIII House: Inauspicious results. Native will live just for the sake of living. One should perform remedies of Jupiter like donating articles related to Jupiter in a temple. Jupiter rules over yellow color, saffron etc.

Jupiter + Rahu in XII House: Native may not benefit from work related to Mercury like artist, mechanic etc or his education may not help him in earnings.

When Jupiter is malefic in the chart, it gives malefic results in 16-21 years of life. Father of the native may suffer from asthma or paralysis. Native may loose his wealth/gold in 42nd year of age and will also suffer if he associates with any work or relative related to Jupiter.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter + Rahu

Native should perform remedies of Ketu. For example, native should wear Gold. If problems are related to Ketu (Male child), native should perform remedy of Moon; like he should keep his mother happy and worship Lord Shiv. Native should take a Bi-color stone (Ketu) and wash it with Cow's urine for 43 days continuously. After washing the stone, donate articles related to Mars or wash some raw barley with milk and keep it with you. Put these barley (JOO) in flowing river for continuously 43 days.