Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter + Ketu

jupiter ketu conjunction in lal kitab

Jupiter + Ketu generally gives good results. Native is fortunate for himself and others. Where ever he goes, he brings prosperity. Ketu will act like his disciple. If we consider Jupiter as Worshiping, Ketu will act like the place of worshiping or Aasan we use to sit while worshiping. But when Ketu is ill placed, Jupiter will not be able to give any results.

But When both are auspicious, native will beget male child and prosper. Native may get adverse results related to Maternal uncle, well wishers, neighbors etc. but Jupiter will give very good results.

When Ketu is placed in houses previous to Jupiter, Jupiter gives bad results.

Jupiter + Ketu in

1 House: Native lives his life comfortably.

2 House: Native will be at high post and kind in nature. When there are friendly planets in 8th house, native has no worries for future and lives in present life. But inimical planets in 8th house makes the native selfish and unfortunate.

3 House: Native begets male child. He gets good education and is very intelligent. He gets happiness from parents and family. He is wealthy and fortunate.

4 House: If there are no planets in 2nd house, native lives happily. He will come to know about his death time earlier to his death. He will be kind in nature. If there are some planets in 2nd house and Jupiter is malefic, native will work under others like a slave. He may face problems related to his first child.

7 House: Friar but poor.

8 House: Very poor. Inauspicious.

12 House: Very rich. Will not worry about future.

In other houses, both planets give their independent results.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Jupiter + Ketu

1) Native should donate pale yellow Lemons at a temple.
2) Native should worship in a temple or at home on daily basis.