Jupiter + Moon conjunction in lal kitab astrology

Jupiter and Moon together or in relation generally gives good results. When they are placed in 7 to 12 houses and an inimical planet aspect them; it can not do any harm to them rather the same planet will suffer and henceforth things related to that planet will suffer. 
When friendly planets are placed in 1-6 houses, it gives auspicious results. Native will financially gain through things, work or relatives related to that planet. For example, if it is Sun, native will gain through Father and Government. But if they are posited in 1-6 houses, they give no support to any friendly planet posited in 7-12 houses. If they aspect an inimical planet, both the planets will suffer and hence relatives and things related to Jupiter and Moon will suffer.

When moon aspects Jupiter, native is of very helping nature and provides shelter to all like a Banyan tree. Moon also gives auspicious results. Native may suffer from loss of memory in old age but he will financially prosper and lives comfortably. He gets ancestral property and divine support. Native's education continues till the age of 24 years without any problem. He visits pilgrimage in his 20th year.

When Jupiter + Moon are well placed in Horoscope in houses previous to Mercury, it is considered highly auspicious.

When Saturn is also well placed in the horoscope, both planets give very good results. Native succeeds in his ambitions.

When Jupiter + Moon are well placed in 7th house, native earns through brokerage business.

When Jupiter + Moon are well placed in 8th house, native's brothers and relatives will expect money from him. One of his brother will be very helpful to him but there will be dispute with the other.

When Jupiter + Moon are well placed in 9th house, it is considered highly auspicious. Native will grow under extremely favorable conditions and his parents will have long life. When ever the two planets will come to 9th house in Varsh Phala, it gives extremely good results. Native prospers in his life and is highly benefited through Mother and work related to Moon. He will have total mental peace through out his life and he will visit pilgrimage in his 20th year.

When Jupiter + Moon are placed in 10th house, it gives inauspicious results. Native will lack intellect and he will be proudy and idiot. He will suffer from many diseases and will suffer from low blood volume. His destiny will not favor him and he will have no mental peace. As a remedy, he should put Copper coins in flowing river.

When Jupiter and Moon are placed in 11th house, they will give results according to planet posited in third house. When there is no planet in third house, serving girls under puberty will benefit the native.

When Jupiter and Moon are well placed in 12th house, native may be rich but he will be highly generous and charitable. As a remedy, burying empty Silver vessel will be auspicious.


~When Mercury is placed in houses after Jupiter + Moon.
~When native builds house or marries or brings musical instruments at home, it can give inauspicious results to native's parents. When Jupiter is placed before Moon, Mother will suffer and when Moon is placed before Jupiter, Father will suffer.

As a remedy, bury things related to Ketu or wear bi-color (black n white) stone or place an Assan on the floor.

When Mercury is placed in 6th house and Jupiter + Moon aspect it from 2nd house, it gives malefic results. Both the planets give malefic results.

When Jupiter + Moon are in third house and forms any relation with Mercury, native can get adverse results if he keeps parrot at home or does work related to Mercury. Relatives related to Mercury like Sister, Daughter, Father's Sister, Mother's Sister etc. will prove inauspicious.

When Moon is placed in 6th house, one should not make free arrangement of drinking water for others or otherwise native will suffer miserably.

Jupiter + Moon ill placed in 7th house gives inauspicious results when native marry.

Jupiter + Moon ill placed in 8th house will create serious disputes between brothers related to wealth. It can even cause death of the brother especially when native brings things related to Saturn / Mars at his home from his maternal side.

When Jupiter + Moon are placed in 9th house and native takes financial support from his daughter or he starts taking donations from others for his livelihood; he will suffer miserably.

When Jupiter + Moon are ill placed in 10th house, native looses all his ancestral wealth and property.

When Jupiter + Moon are placed in 11th house, it gives bad results when Mercury, Rahu or Venus are placed in 3rd house. As a remedy, native should serve or financially help Sister, daughter, Father's Sister, Mother's sister for Mercury; Cow, Spouse, Lakshmi for Venus and Maternal grand parents, sweeper for Rahu.

When Jupiter + Moon are ill placed in 12th house, native suffers when he gets married. His house and household items will be in poor condition.