Jupiter + Mercury conjunction in lal kitab astrology

Jupiter + Mercury together generally give inauspicious results. Their combined effects to father in different houses are as under:-

In second House: spoils all wealth
In 3rd House: Intelligent but financially poor
In 9th House: Loss of wealth
In 11th House: Poor income

When Jupiter is placed in 1-6 Houses and Mercury is placed in 7-12 Houses, Jupiter will give good results till 34 years of his age. Afterwords, Mercury will start giving its bad results and these bad effects will continue till the age of 51 years. In reverse situation, native will experience good results of Mercury till the age of 34 years and Mercury will start giving bad results from 35th year. Jupiter will give bad results till 34 years of life and afterwords Jupiter will start giving good results and these good results will continue till 50th year.

When Jupiter aspects Mercury or joins Mercury, native should not indulge in any work related to Mercury after the age of 34 years. He should not use vegetable green color. But When Mercury aspects Jupiter, native is benefited in his business, through green color and education. Lal Kitab suggests very good remedy for Jupiter + Mercury combination. Lal Kitab suggests to plant a Pipal tree and serve it. It is not just serving Pipal Tree. One should plant a new Pipal tree and serve it. It will ward off evils.

Alternatively, one can perform remedies of Rahu/Ketu to ward off evils of this combination which may appear in the form of loss of wealth, failures in projects, daydreaming, poverty, problems related to children and wife etc.

Mercury generally spoils the significations of Jupiter. But Mercury alone or Jupiter + Mercury in 2/4 houses generally gives good results and Jupiter's significations are not spoiled, henceforth, native will have good wealth.

Native is skilled and intelligent but he faces extreme financial ups and downs in his life. Native regains his lost wealth by his intellect and skills. So as a remedy, When Jupiter and Mercury are together in a horoscope, native should try to get as much education and he should keep upgrading his knowledge. When Saturn is well placed in the horoscope, native does not suffer on account of wealth.

When Jupiter is well placed and Mercury is exalted in 6th house, it gives Rajyoga. Native earns wealth through business related to Mercury like paper, printing press etc.

Jupiter + Mercury in

I House: If well placed, native will live like king or otherwise he will suffer from poverty and live like a stupid monk.

II House: BrhamGyani, rich and preacher.

III House: Brave, wealthy, authority but wife suffers.

IV House: Good results. Rajyoga. But if native indulges in any sinful activity or behaves like coward, he will suffer and may commit suicide.

V House: Native will prosper after one of his male child takes birth on Thursday.

VI House: Good in worshiping or else sybaritic.

VII House: Native will prosper if she begets daughter. But after the birth child, native will financially suffer. Naive will face financial troubles despite of the fact he may be financially very sound earlier. He may take wrong decisions and suffer. He will face extreme ups and downs financially.

VIII House: If second house is vacant, Mercury will give good results otherwise native will get malefic results. He may suffer from chronic diseases. As a remedy, put a silver wire in the nose for 96 hours or five days. Or bury a mud pot filled with Desi Khand. You can do only one of the mentioned remedy.

IX House: Native suffers on account of his family, marital life. He may have short life especially when Mercury is malefic. Native should perform remedies for Mercury.

X House: Good results despite Jupiter will be debilitated here.

XI House: Rich, intelligent, kind, happy and good marital life.

XII House: Good results. Fortunate, long life but ordinary businessman.