ketu + mercury conjunction in astrology

ketu + mercury conjunction 

As per Lal Kitab, Ketu is like a dog and Mercury when placed with Ketu acts like its tail. Both generally gives bad results. 

When Mars is placed in 12th house and Mercury and Ketu are placed in 1/8 houses, no bad results are seen. 

Perform Mars remedy for Mercury + Ketu conjunction in general. 

When Venus is placed in 3-4-8 houses, it gives bad results. Perform Moon's remedy to ward off evils.

Mercury and Ketu in second house: When Rahu and Moon are placed in eighth house, it gives bad results to sister and maternal uncle. Maternal grand father may have permanent loss of his feet.

Mercury and Ketu in 6th house: It will give good results if there are no inimical planets in 2nd house. If Ketu is afflicted, it will give bad results related to Ketu only. But if Mercury is afflicted, it will give bad results to native as well people related to Mercury.

Mercury + Ketu in 3-11 houses: Both will give poor results.

Mercury + Ketu in fifth house: When native is 17 years old and his sister gives birth to a male child, give some donations for longevity of her son.

Mercury + Ketu in 12th house: In 17/34 years, native will suffer from problems related to legs, urine, waist, spine, feet etc. Perform remedy for Mercury in 12th house.